Make Grand Theft Auto VI Look Lifelike

by AdorableDaniella on November 14, 2012

Installation Steps

This was created using Vuck0100 ENB and the GTA 4 Video Editor all copyrights to their original owners Rockstar and any affiliates.

Show the Pagani Huayra some love!

Here is the Vuck0100′s ENB. It is the best I have personally found and works well even if you have a lower end PC :)

I am running the settings on High.(Video recording purposes) Except vehicle density, and view and detail distances are at about 55.

My CPU mentioned in specs below keeps my CPU cool to around 39-43C at no load and about 55C at load. It Hardly ever goes above 60C.

GUIDE: To get your GTA4 to look exactly like mine :)

First Install GTA4 silly! ;) I also recommend you back it up after applying whichever patch ~ I am using, Vuck0100′s ENB works fine with but I still think it looks better on the older patch. I do have both as separate installs tho.

Next install the Car pack off this video – It is the best I have ever found! (Create a folder and extract all 5 files you downloaded then copy and paste PC folder it makes to main GTA4 directory.

After that install in this order Better City Textures ~—Better-City-Textures-Mod/

Ultimate Textures v2 ~

and finally the Incredible DKT70 Updated and darkened Street/Roads that Fonia5 Created – – has put out on his ICEnhancer X video

After all of that you can then install by following the readme the Vuck0100 ENB

Vuck0100′s ENB: (He has used his ENB to make amazing videos look him up on here!)

A few of the other cars such as the Viper ACR Police Car (seen in video) I got on

Final note DO NOT install Realism IV v6.2 or any others it will mess up the ENB and you will have to reinstall. Always Backup your files b4 replacing!

Any other questions let me know and I hope you Subscribe! :)

Also this video used to have music but because I swapped that twice it will no longer let me keep the music and sound effects together so I may actually re-upload in the future.

My Specs:

Video Resolution: 1920×1080 60hz
In-Game Settings: High
Cpu: Intel Core i5-3570k @ 3.4 GHZ per core: (Not running any Overclocks)
Corsair H60 CPU cooler:
Motherboard: MSI ZH77A-G43
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3
Gpu: GeForce 270 GTX OC:
PSU: 750W

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